CRM for Financial Product Distributors

Built for Indian Finacial Services

Built for Indian context automating entire pre & post-sales activities

Customizable SAAS Solution

Highly secure platform hosted on Google could. Rich in features yet very simple to use

Entire Organization on Single Platform

Login for every stakeholder. Improve sales team productivities & oversight

Automates Entire Customer Life Cycle Management

                                           Increase Lead to Customer Conversion Ratio

And Much More

Charts & Reports for tracking funnel, duplicates,junked leads, quotes, lead assignment, salesrep performance etc.

No more Wasted Marketing

Dashboards for tracking effectiveness of each marketing campaign/channel and lead source

No more Lost Leads

Auto entry of leads from portals,cloud telephony, chat, website and social media. No boring manual entries anymore

No More Lost Opportunities

Tools, reminders & alerts for follow-up with hot leads. Cross-sell & up-sell tools for increasing revenue per customer

                                           Streamlined Operations and Improve Customer Experience

No More Manual Errors

Auto computation of receivables and payouts to sources. Tools for managing prospect's sanction & disbursal details.

Easy Customer Mgmt

Colloboration platform for managers, sales & operations team to present omni-channel communication to customer

Get In-depth Analysis

MIS Reports,Charts, Graphs, dashboards for analyzing the effectiveness of sales processes and lead sources

Excellent Oversight

Managers and Business can track each lead status, communication between caller & lead including call records

Tangible & Intangible Benifits

Benifits All Stakeholders

  • Extremely simple yet very powerful
    One of the Top 10 DSA in India
  • Excellent design and usage is as simple as Excel
    Loan Products Distributor in Bangalore

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